Thursday, January 15, 2009

It never Happened - not sure what this is, a short story? not a poem?

It could never happened

Once I had seen you
I knew Life would never be the same

You were just standing there, awaiting the next train
I dared not speak to you
What would you think of me if I did

We boarded the train
You sat, staring into the distance
I stood, trying not to look in your direction

The train stopped
It was my stop
I would never see you again
But, it was your also stop, as I learned later

I walked to the building
Remembering the beauty I had seen for the first time

I stopped at the door and opened it
My heart skipped a beat
You were behind me, I held open the door for you

You walked inside going one way
And I walked another

I reached the sign up area
I noticed you there also

Would you remember me
Should I speak to you

I left for the meeting room
You were right behind me

I walked slower
Until you were beside me

I wanted to speak to you
I was too shy

As we neared the meeting room, I said "Hello"
Would you reply
Would you walk on

You said "Hello"
My heart skipped a beat again

What was I doing
I never did this before
Why was I doing it now

We walked together to the meeting room
We sat near each other

I didn't know what to say
I didn't know why I was feeling this way

Being near you was overwhelming
I should not be feeling this way
But, something was drawing me to you

After the meeting, we walked together to the lunch area
We found a table and sat together
We made small talk

At the afternoon meeting, we sat together again
I made a joke and you laughed
Your smile and laugh was so warming

You made me feel so comfortable
I felt you were enjoying our time together

After the meeting, we walked to the train together
We traded contact information

We could meet the next week
I would show you the work I was doing

I knew it was wrong
A feeling for you that should be forbidden

You filled something in my heart
Something which had been missing
Something that she could never fill

It was a place I wanted to go
But I knew it could never happen

For I am married, and knew we could never be
Now you know, and I hope you understand

That why It never Happened


  1. I like it - you have a gift for expressing the real human, but particularly male, experience. Well done.