Monday, October 5, 2009

She's Gone

Missing her kiss
Longing for her sweet lips

Her loving arms holding me close
Feeling her heart beat

I remember those moments
Now all I have left are the memories

She'll never know
How much I really cared

Feeling so empty
Knowing those moments will never be again

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

For My Valentine

I read your words
I feel their meaning

Your words fill my mind
Your love fills my heart

We come from different Worlds
We share a special bond

Happy Valentine's Day My Love


we search a lifetime to find
and when we find it
it is real

during a moment of passion
we say the word
but is it real

one will feel
another will not
can it be real

it can bring pain
to both the heart and mind
we know it is real

this emotion
this thought
we call it love

Friday, February 6, 2009

A girl and A boy

I met her in a park
She was a young girl
She spoke to me of her parents
She told me of her friends
She asked me to wait for her
It was Winter

And then she was gone

I met her in a park
She was now a teenager
She spoke of the time since we had last met
She told me of her travels
She asked me to wait for her
It was Spring

And then she was gone

I met her in a park
She was going away to College
She was crying, her parents had passed
She told me of her sadness
She asked me to wait for her
It was Summer

And then she was gone

I met her in a park
She had finished College
She said she learned much from her teachers
She told me of a sick friend
She asked me to wait for her
It was Fall

And then she was gone

I met her in a park
She was waiting for me
She said it was time
She told me she was ready
She thanked me for waiting for her

You see
we had both grown old
But never together
We finally had this time together
In the Winter of our lives

Thursday, January 15, 2009

It never Happened - not sure what this is, a short story? not a poem?

It could never happened

Once I had seen you
I knew Life would never be the same

You were just standing there, awaiting the next train
I dared not speak to you
What would you think of me if I did

We boarded the train
You sat, staring into the distance
I stood, trying not to look in your direction

The train stopped
It was my stop
I would never see you again
But, it was your also stop, as I learned later

I walked to the building
Remembering the beauty I had seen for the first time

I stopped at the door and opened it
My heart skipped a beat
You were behind me, I held open the door for you

You walked inside going one way
And I walked another

I reached the sign up area
I noticed you there also

Would you remember me
Should I speak to you

I left for the meeting room
You were right behind me

I walked slower
Until you were beside me

I wanted to speak to you
I was too shy

As we neared the meeting room, I said "Hello"
Would you reply
Would you walk on

You said "Hello"
My heart skipped a beat again

What was I doing
I never did this before
Why was I doing it now

We walked together to the meeting room
We sat near each other

I didn't know what to say
I didn't know why I was feeling this way

Being near you was overwhelming
I should not be feeling this way
But, something was drawing me to you

After the meeting, we walked together to the lunch area
We found a table and sat together
We made small talk

At the afternoon meeting, we sat together again
I made a joke and you laughed
Your smile and laugh was so warming

You made me feel so comfortable
I felt you were enjoying our time together

After the meeting, we walked to the train together
We traded contact information

We could meet the next week
I would show you the work I was doing

I knew it was wrong
A feeling for you that should be forbidden

You filled something in my heart
Something which had been missing
Something that she could never fill

It was a place I wanted to go
But I knew it could never happen

For I am married, and knew we could never be
Now you know, and I hope you understand

That why It never Happened